An Outback Chance - Chris Versace (2010)

Thanks to her ex, Sally Bailey suddenly finds herself forced back into her old life in the Australian outback. She had left her home, a childhood sweetheart turned fiance, and everything else behind to live an exciting life in Europe. It's been 20 years but Sally is out of money, friends, and with no other options she moves back into her old childhood room. What will her ex Connor do when he hears she's back in town? Along with her family and friends, Sally is about to find out what happens when your past collides with your future. The inner demons Sally struggles with will resonate with many who, like Sally, want to fix the mistakes of the past and move forward into a happily ever after. There's a little twist in the story that I found rather amusing, and totally unexpected. Complete with complicated relationships, romance, humour, misery and a bit of wacky family drama, this book, while a little predictable, was a fun read. (CF)

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