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Wicked Wives (2013)

In the prologue the scene is set - on a luxury yacht in a breaktaking location, someone is out to get their revenge on Tom Black. As the story returns to the recent past, Tom is exposed as a playboy who makes enemies nearly every step he takes as he gambles with other people's lives and livelihoods. The women he crosses include dance teacher Ellie, who can't forget Tom despite not having seen him for years; money-grabber Loretta who has an interesting merger proposal for the debt-ridden gambler; and bestselling author Victoria who is desperate to have a baby. This is a pacy and racy read, which will leave readers wondering which of the characters will be left holding the loaded gun. Despite relying on a sudden death as a plot ploy once too often, it seems Weatherley may be emerging as a contender for the bonkbuster queen crown.

Chelsea Wives (2012)

aka Vengeful Wives

Imogen has the life in Chelsea, an exclusive borough of London that many would dream of. An ex-model and wife of a wealthy bank owner, she has the life where anything can be bought, except happiness. Joined by her Chelsea friends Calvary and Lady Yasmin Belmont, the three women are united by secrets and loveless marriages; turning to each other to exact revenge on their husbands. As the tag line says 'on the King's Road, revenge is sweeter than champagne...' This book grips you from the prologue where there has been a diamond theft and you are immediately hooked into the story. The book paints a picture of the life of a glamorous wife in Chelsea to whom money is no object. This is helped along by the name-dropping of designer labels that in some books can seem shoehorned in but in this case seems to add to the story. It is well written and the author does well to make you feel empathy with the characters who might as easily have been too posh for you to care about. It is a light-hearted read that reminds you that money can't buy you everything. (AB)

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