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The Emergence of Judy Taylor (2013)

Judy thinks the worst when she finds a lump in her breast. But when she hears the word 'normal' as the doctor confirms her all-clear test results, rather than being relieved, she realises normal is the last thing she wants to be. So Judy makes plans to leave her music teaching job and her husband Oliver, to lead a more exciting existence in Edinburgh. Told in the third person, the viewpoint is mainly from Judy's perspective although occasionally another voice comes in, sometimes completely out of the blue. The wry observations are often spot on and her journey (some will call it inspiring and gutsy, others will call it plain foolish and selfish) is certainly not laced with sentimentality. While the theme of a woman being shocked into seeking a new beginning will resonate with many, this unfortunately did not emerge as a compelling read for me.

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