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My Soviet Kitchen (2010)

Ivy wakes up on her first morning in Moscow with blurry memories of the night before. With vague recollections about accepting a marriage proposal, all she has to remember her companion by is a post-it note signed 'hat'. Ivy tries to distract herself with her PhD research which had led her to Russia in the first place, but she gets distracted at every turn by too much vodka and bizarre local customs. There are further distractions in the shape of an intriguing older man and the niggling worry of whether she'll find her fiance again, whoever he is. Not your average warm and fuzzy romance, it is described as Neo chick lit, where the warm and fuzzy feeling comes not from the love story but the vodka-fuelled tales. The book also comes with a sweet companion book which gives you an insight into Soviet life. It's an interesting read if you are looking for something a little bit different, although the plot is a little hard to follow in places. (AB)

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