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The Mermaid of Brooklyn (2013)

Former magazine editor Jenny lives in Park Slope with her toddler Betty, baby Rose and husband Harry. One night Harry stops off to buy cigarettes and never comes home. Is he alive, is he off gambling, has he left her? How COULD he leave her!?! Jenny, who has battled depression, isn't coping particularly well and one day considers throwing herself off the Brooklyn Bridge. Next thing she knows she's being rescued by a mermaid. The mermaid in this case is a rusalka, an unhappy woman according to Slavic mythology. This spirit gives Jenny the strength to carry on, without her husband. But does the rusalka have her best interests at heart? This is a serious, gut-wrenchingly honest read about a woman struggling with motherhood. Don't go in expecting a light-hearted story, with a perky mermaid like the one from the Splash movie. This will resonate with many readers but it was all a touch too deep and meaningful for me.

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