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Bride Without a Groom (2014)

Rebecca is busy planning her dream wedding. She has her Vera Wang dress picked out, a deposit put on an expensive honeymoon and big ideas about a celebrity-inspired venue for her big day. The only problem is, her boyfriend Barry hasn't proposed just yet. In fact, he feels under so much pressure from all of Rebecca's Bridezilla tendencies that they have a huge row just before Barry flies off on a business trip. Will they be able to sort things out while on opposite sides of the world, or will Rebecca's dreams be dashed for good? I really struggled with the beginning of this book. Rebecca was extremely unlikeable - selfish, arrogant and shallow. I couldn't relate to her at all at first. However, as the novel progressed, I started to find her behaviour quite funny. She was so full of herself, to the point where you couldn't help but laugh. She was a caricature of a Bridezilla, and by the end I did genuinely start to like her. Barry was a lovely guy and I liked him from the start, even when he was at times portrayed as the bad guy. The plot was nicely paced, and the dialogue was witty. Overall it was entertaining and a promising debut. (LO)

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