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The Saturday Supper Club (2012)

Eve's boyfriend, Joe, works for a newspaper which is running a dining competition. He talks Eve - who is about to open a cafe - into filling in as one of the contestants. Eve doesn't know that her former boyfriend Ethan is also a contestant so is shocked to discover him on her doorstep as her first guest. She wants to find out why Ethan left three years ago without explanation. When I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure how the story would develop. The story certainly doesn't disappoint and couldn't put the book down. I'm delighted to have discovered a new author and will be looking out for more of her books. (BS)

The Girls' Guide to Homemaking (2011)

Juliet has always wanted nothing more than a home to call her own. As a child, Juliet grew up in a broken home, raised only by her grandmother Violet. When she finally moves into her perfect flat with her perfect boyfriend, things don't go as planned and soon she feels that her new home is also broken. When Juliet learns that her long-time boyfriend, Simon, has been having an affair with their roommate, Hannah, she throws herself into her grandmother's old homemaking books. This is the only thing that gives Juliet any solace as her life crumbles around her. When she meets Dylan, a TV worker, through work, she feels an instant connection with him. But does he feel the same? More importantly, will Juliet only end up with heartbreak once again?(AS)

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