Amore and Amaretti - Victoria Cosford (2010)

When Victoria visits Italy with her sister to study the language and culture, she doesn't expect to fall in love. But love finds her in the form of the handsome yet rugged chef Gianfranco. The two quickly embark on a romantic journey which includes all sorts of culinary delights and beautiful places. Victoria learns the art of Italian cooking in Gianfranco's trattoria and finds herself falling more in love with this charming man and his country. While the journey sounds wonderful and romantic and the food makes your mouth water, the book falls a little flat. It's written in a clipped tone, which was disheartening as it had such promise. The saving grace of this travelogue is the delicious-sounding Italian recipes that are included at the end of each chapter and the little Italian phrases that imbed themselves on the pages. If you like Italy, food and travelling this memoir may just be the one for you. (AS)

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