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Beneath a Starlet Sky (2011)

If you love Hollywood gossip and fashion, this is the book for you. As a sequel to the authors' previous novel, Celebutantes, this novel continues to follow the life of Lola Santis. Lola is now the CEO of her friend Julian Tenant's struggling fashion line. As the daughter of a famous Hollywood director, Lola grew up in the limelight and she now wants to avoid all of the craziness of Hollywood and maintain a quieter life with her doctor boyfriend, Lev. Lola finds herself at Cannes Film Festival desperately trying to keep her career intact, while dealing with drunk models, a mother who is shooting a reality television show, a brother and father who are competing in the same directing category, the dramatic aftermath of a recent break-up between her best friend and brother, and endless people who are trying to sabotage her fashion show. When Lev, her rock of sanity, gets offered a minor part as a doctor in a television sitcom and starts getting spray tans and eyebrow waxes, Lola sees her life crashing around her. The authors provide a great insiders' view of the absurdity of Hollywood. (AO)

Celebutantes (2008)

Probably my favourite Hollywood insiders' book so far. Lola was born into Hollywood royalty on Oscar night - her father is an award-winning director. But she has two main problems - she's an Actorholic getting over a devastating break with actor SMITH (Sexiest Man in the Hemisphere) and she's got Career Deficit Disorder - or no idea what to do with her life - a disorder very common with Adult Children Of in Hollywood. Meanwhile her best friend Kate, a very ambitious agent, is still trying to leap up the ladder while her best actress friend Cricket is still striving for her big break. Then upcoming fashion designer Julian, Lola's BGF (Best Gay Forever), appoints her as his Hollywood ambassador to get someone into his gowns for the Oscar red carpet. But her rival Adrienne Hunt is out to destroy her career and she has to deal with self-centred actresses like Olivia. With lots of celebrity bad behaviour and name-dropping.

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