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Married in the Nick of Nine (2012)

Cassandra Whitmore thought she had her life all planned. She was going to be married and have several children and live happily ever after. So with her 30th birthday fast approaching and no husband, let alone a boyfriend on the scene, Cassandra's plans aren't going too well. When her cousin Cynthia (Cyn) persuades her to go to a nightclub with her, Cassandra thinks she's met "The One". Only problem is he's "GU" (geographically undesirable) coming from New York when Cassandra lives in Los Angeles. Nicolas appears to be the genuine Mr Nice Guy however and soon Cassandra is head over heels in love. After 12 months of long-distance dating she decides to make the move to the Big Apple and it is here that her life becomes interesting When she discovers Nicolas has a few skeletons in his closet, Cassandra has some decisions to make. Bearing in mind her strong religious background and beliefs, Cassandra is guided by her faith and her heart to make the right decisions for her. (LM)

Dancing Her Dreams Away (2011)

Sheila is a struggling actress waiting for her big break. She needs to make some quick money in order to keep her apartment while she's waiting for her break so she takes a job as a dancer-for-hire at the Flamingo nightclub. It's not her ideal job but it leaves her days open for auditions. When her agent calls about a leading role in a movie, she thinks her luck is starting to turn until she finds out it involves taking her clothes off for the camera. She soon realises this might be what it takes to establish herself in Hollywood. Sheila becomes not only the star of the movie but also the object of the producer's affection. This book gives an inside look at what people are willing to do in order to be famous. Thomas has written an intense story that really sucks the reader in. (AR)

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