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Almost A Bride – Jo Watson (2017)


On the day Annie thought her boyfriend Trevv was going to propose, she finds out he's been cheating on her and is leaving her for the other woman. She is also arrested and loses her job at a fashion magazine. To move on, she goes on holiday to Mauritius where she meets gorgeous and funny writer Chris. They hit it off right away and when Trevv turns up on the island with her new girlfriend, Chris offers to pretend to be her boyfriend to prove to Trevv that she's moved on. But as Chris and Annie spend more time together, snorkelling and watching French movies, and trying to avoid Trevv who seems to be stalking them, they have to admit they have real feelings for each other. Annie gets herself in hilarious and unlikely situations that had me laughing out loud. Despite being a bit predictable, this is a witty and romantic novel with a tropical setting and entertaining characters. (NP)

Rating 7/10

Almost a Bride, the second book in Jo Watson's Destination Love series, sees Annie bumping into her ex during a tropical holiday. The summary says: "That moment you catch your boyfriend in bed with another woman and then mistakenly get arrested. #awks
Annie doesn't want to dwell on the fact that she walked in on her bf wearing nipple clamps on the day he was meant to propose to her. She just wants to move on - cue escaping to a tropical paradise. Life is dreamy on the beaches of Mauritius, until the nightmarish appearance of her ex and the 'other woman'. Faced with the enemy, Annie refuses to look like the sad, lonely single she actually is. She needs a decoy - and fast. Enter Chris, a sexy screenwriter who agrees to play her pretend boyfriend.
But as a battle of the exes commences, the white sand, tropical heat and a pina colada (or five) might just be the cocktail for a real romance - and the adventure of a lifetime." Almost a Bride is out in January 2017. Finding You, the third Destination Love book - also a stand-alone read - is out in May 2017. Read about her first novel, Burning Moon, here.

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