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Save The Date (2013)


Ailsa Stuart has been invited to her cousin Jessica's wedding but she is not sure if she really wants to go and deal with her totally insane family. To be honest things are not going great with Ailsa but it would be nuts not to accept the all-expenses-paid trip to Tuscany for one whole week. Her RSVP has been sent and now a beautiful hotel in breathtaking Tuscany is waiting for her. Everything is going better than expected until she comes face-to-face with the one man she least expected to meet. And to make matters worse, she seems to have been adopted by a stray dog. Things get even messier when the wedding is nearly called off. While I loved Ailsa for her quirkiness and wittiness, I found Jessica irritating and immature. Though the story has been set against the beautiful backdrop of Tuscany, it is somewhat predictable. As much as I loved the twists and turns along the way, I felt disappointed by the slow pace. All in all it's a good summery and funny read but don't expect too much. (SS) 6/10


Summer Nights (2012)


Flora Fielding is expecting to spend a loved-up few weeks in San Francisco with her boyfriend, Barney, but what she gets is a completely new beginning thanks to Barney being a complete idiot and dumping Flora on her 30th birthday. Already in San Fran, Flora decides that she'll make the most of her vacation by visiting her cousin, Bella, who is a nurse. What Flora doesn't realise is that Bella is also a lead singer in an ABBA tribute band and oddly enough, she doesn't have any money. Either way, Flora and Bella work it out - avoiding the sticky situation of what's really going on in Bella's life - and enjoy nights at the Lizard Lounge, where the battle of the bands is taking place and days spent on the wonderfully quirky Hope Street. However, relocation specialist Flora's over-eager clients seem to think that she's still at work and there to serve their every need and she can't help but be mesmerized by a gorgeous IT guy she met in a diner. Will this trip turn out to be all it was planned to be or will Flora end up missing her ex and going home to work things out? This is a fun read, with fiery characters and a message of "finding your tribe" and sticking with them. It's definitely a light, summery perfect for lazy days at the beach! (AS) 7/10


Summer Loving (2011)


Beth could be called a control freak. She likes her life in order and never, ever takes risks. What's the point? They only result in some sort of mayhem. Which is why, when she finds herself and her three friends taking a risk after their perfectly planned holiday falls through, she is surprised that she enjoys it so much. While doing things spur of the moment isn't Beth's style, this holiday has proved that there is no other option. Though the villa is not a five-star resort and the beautiful island of Liminaki doesn't have the nightlife of Athens, Beth, Ginny, Anna and Kristin find that it has its own charms and quirks which makes it lovely. For one, the men are gorgeous, and the lifestyle is relaxed unlike the hectic life Beth leads back in London with her predictable boyfriend, Jack, and her overbearing boss, Malcolm. But, things aren't as great as they seem. For one thing, there is something going on with Kristin but she won't talk about it. And Ginny won't stop talking about her upcoming wedding, Anna has fallen head-over-heels for a local and Beth can't stop thinking about the handsome British sailor who almost killed her with his yacht. Though it's not a traditional holiday of clubbing and shopping, these girls soon realise this will be a trip they won't soon forget. With beautifully captured scenery and likable characters, this is one of those perfect summer beach reads that bring humour, heart and drama to a lazy summer day. (AS)7/10


Tug of Love (2009)


Lucy Stephens knows that there's never a winner in divorce after watching her parents' marriage disintegrate. Now as a divorce barrister, she is battling to gain a permanent position in chambers against the slimy Hugo. Her chances are given a boost when she scores a spot on the legal team representing Prime Minister Llew Jones. But will she get blamed for the leak when salacious secrets about his impending divorce get revealed in the media? Meanwhile, Lucy's been warned that seeing her new man, Mark, may jeopardise her career while her cheating ex, Jonathan, is trying to convince her he's a changed man. For those who want a bit of law and courtroom order with their romance. 6/10


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