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Written in the Stars (2014)

Bea Bishop is haunted by her past. Her self-confidence is at rock bottom, and she doesn't trust herself to make the right decisions anymore. When she sees an old face in the crowd on her wedding day, she slips walking down the aisle and falls unconscious. At that moment, her life splits into two parallel versions - the one where she gets married, and the one where she doesn't. But which one is the right version for her? I loved the concept of this book. How much do your decisions change the course of your life? I was immersed in this plot from the first page, Bea was such a vulnerable and likeable girl. I was intrigued to see how the two parallel existences would eventually tie together again, and my desire to find out meant that I just couldn't put it down. A very cleverly written plot with a creative and original idea makes this a real winner for me, I would highly recommend it. (LO) 7/10

The First Last Kiss (2013)

This is the story of Molly Carter and Ryan Cooper's love. Told through a series of flashbacks to various moments in their past, as well as from Molly's present day life, it depicts all of the milestones in their relationship, linked to a kiss. Moving back and forward in time, we learn of how they fell in love and of the tragedy that tore them apart. This is a novel to gush over, both with praise and with tears. It is a truly amazing book that completely consumes you, but it should be said that this is far from the light and happy read of Ali Harris' first novel; rather it is emotionally tumultuous and heart-wrenching. Molly's actions sometimes frustrated me, making me wonder whether she deserved Ryan, but this is part of the story's wider message about making the most of love. The structure is hugely imaginative, original and dramatic and Harris' writing is really beautiful with lines whose force and brilliance resound beyond the page. At its heart it is a beautiful and powerful love story, something to savour and cherish. I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best book I've read in a long time, but also, I should add, the saddest. It is going to be a chick-lit classic. (JC) 10/10

Miracle on Regent Street (2011)

Evie Taylor has always been invisible. Whether it be at home or at work, Evie could be found behind the scenes, quietly and unassumingly doing what was asked of her. However, when her beloved department store, Hardy's, is threatened with closure, Evie has to step up and take action. So begins the mission to makeover the outdated store with vintage treasures and glittering baubles from a Christmas past. Her work pays off as people begin raving about the new look but Evie doesn't come forward to take the credit, preferring to keep herself invisible all while pretending to be someone else in order to date a hot American named Joel. When push comes to shove, however, Evie must step up to the plate and let it be known that she is a wonderful, creative and deserving person. Filled with Christmas magic and vintage treasures, this is a story that will warm your heart and soul. It's guaranteed to get even the biggest Scrooge into the Christmas spirit while delivering a sweet and romantic story to captivate readers. (AS)9/10


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