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A Kiss And A Cuddle - Sophie Sloane (2014)


This novella is a cute story about Rose West, a singer whose career is beginning to take off and Rex Byron, a British bad boy who spends his time causing trouble and creating scandal everywhere he goes. Upon their first meeting, Rose despises everything Rex is and stands for. He interrupts her gig and steals her spotlight, infuriating Rose and strengthening her resolve to avoid him at all costs. Where this story gets interesting is in spite of Rose's hostility to Rex, he seems determined to sweep her off her feet. As Rose gets to know Rex, she learns he isn't all the tabloids make him out to be and begins to wonder if he is her destiny. I enjoyed this story and watching Rose and Rex's relationship blossom as her defensive wall comes down and he opens up about his past. I liked that these two emotionally tortured souls could move past the pain of their pasts and find a kindred spirit in one another that blossoms into love. A Kiss And A Cuddle is a feel-good story that will leave the reader with a smile on their face. (SH)

Rating 6/10


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