A Journal for Jordan - Dana Canedy (2008)

Subtitled A Story of Love and Honor, A Journal for Jordan is the writings of couple Dana Canedy and Charles King who compiled a journal for their son, Jordan. Charles, a US Army sergeant, wrote in the journal while he was on duty in Iraq in case he did not make it home from the war. Unable to make his son's birth, Charles first laid eyes on Jordan only six weeks before he was killed by a roadside bomb. Dana, a New York Times journalist and daughter of an army veteran, then carries on the journal, writing about the couple's love for one another, their decision to have a family and her grief. The book presents a wonderful legacy passed on from father to son through the form of anecdotes, life stories and quotes. It gives us hope that not only will it inspire Jordan but all those who read it. It's a heartfelt and touching memoir that's all heart. You can find out more at (PP)

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