A Jolt to the Heart - Felicity Price (2014)

Set in Christchurch, New Zealand, this novel deals with the aftermath of the 2011 deadly earthquake as aftershocks continue to rock the city. Rebuilding their lives and coming to terms with their grief, old friends reunite to ensure justice for Max, killed when his office collapsed on top of him. Once lovers, Ellie, Max's wife, and journalist Lew, Max's closest friend, grow to understand and respect each other as they strive for the truth to be revealed. Old grievances are put aside and the future begins to look brighter. Felicity Price has created a scene where post-traumatic stress and grief are gradually worked through so that each character can leave behind ghosts of their past. The descriptions of the chaos and pressure the residents of the city are living through are vivid and heartbreaking. Acts of defiance and bravery are commendable. (JH)

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