A Groom with a View - Sophie Ranald (2014)

Pippa is happy with the life she leads; she has a great job as a chef and the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Nick. Everyone always mentions how great the two of them are together, and Pippa knows she doesn't need a ring on her finger as proof of their love for each other. Yet, after a few too many drinks, Pippa suddenly finds herself engaged to Nick and before she knows it she's answering questions about invitations, cakes and wedding locations. In order to make things as easy as possible for Pippa, Nick decides to do most of the planning and organising himself, but when Nick's mother appears on the scene and the wedding slowly seems to take over their entire lives, things between Nick and Pippa only seem to get worse. Every now and again I come across a great chick lit novel which is thoroughly enjoyable from the first until the very last page, which has an entertaining storyline at its core, combined with a fabulous cast of characters; basically, a book I didn't want to put down but at the same time didn't want to end. A Groom With a View is definitely one of those novels. The storyline is great, Pippa is a wonderful heroine; she doesn't want a big and glamorous wedding, she just wants to be with Nick and no wedding is needed to put a stamp on their love for one another. It was nice to read about a man who takes on all the wedding planning, and the female character who tries to deal with this. Pippa and Nick are a fantastic couple, and the book also has a fabulous mix of supporting characters. There honestly was never a dull moment and I loved returning to it at the end of a busy day, keeping my fingers crossed for Pippa and Nick and their wedding. It's a funny, and thoroughly enjoyable read; I can't recommend it to other chick lit fans enough! (JoH)

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