A Degree Of Allegiance, by Kirsti Lines and Pierette Kemper, is about a jaded Gen X-er; a 500-year-old hunt; and an unlikely alliance. The summary says: "Alyssa Johnston's dreams have not matched her reality. Leaving her stressful and demoralising job she embarks on a gap year, to rediscover the joys of Bacardi, life, and people who don't grunt at her when answering a question. Enrolling in university, she encounters her Professor, Eton Grange, who is abrupt, aloof and Byronic, who also has a dark, ancient secret. Two unlikely people, whose worlds are about to collide, find themselves drawn to each other through a paranormal hunt set in modern day, urbanized, Brisbane, Australia. Little does Alyssa know that her degree in Architectural History will get her a PhD in sorcery and Malificarum."

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