A Dash of Reality - Lee Murray (2011)

Melanie Short has been the poster girl for Sportzgirl for the past seven years. Now with the recession hitting and sales down, it seems that she is out of a job. Worried about how she is going to survive, Melanie comes across a TV show and magazine article about obesity and fitness. With an idea to save not only her job but to boost Sportzgirl's ratings, Melanie implements a fitness reality show with the main sport - running. Along with half-a-dozen other New Zealand contestants, Melanie finds herself on the show but unfortunately Melanie and exercise do not mix. Armed with Olaf the trainer, Melanie must now spend the next few months training in order to run a marathon and win the show. What will happen though when Melanie may have to pretend to date co-star Rico - will her relationship with boyfriend Jack hit the rocks? This entertaining novel describes the lengths that one girl would go to, to save her career and boost her image, even if it means that she must sacrifice the one thing she loves the most. (PP)

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