After classic romantic comedies such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually, director and writer Richard Curtis had pretty high expectations to live up to with his next film. Luckily, his 2013 release About Time has that same touch of Curtis magic and is once again a film that will be remembered as a great British rom-com. When he is 21, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers that the men in his family have always shared a rather special secret: they can travel in time. His father (Bill Nighy) explains that he can't change history; he can only go back to moments in his own life and change what happened to him or the people around him. As Tim moves from his family home in Cornwall to London to work as a lawyer, he decides he will use the gift of time-travel for something that's quite important to him: finding a girlfriend. As soon as he first meets Mary (Rachel McAdams), an American who works at a publisher, he knows she is the one for him. However, getting and then keeping the girl isn't that straightforward, and that's where the family gift comes in quite handy...

As soon as I heard director Richard Curtis was coming with a new film, I knew I couldn't possibly miss it as a devoted rom-com/chick flick fan. I'm glad to say the film didn't disappoint and really managed to leave an impression with its captivating story, great cast, humour, and wonderful choice of music. I've always loved Rachel McAdams and she did a convincing job playing Mary. While I had to get used to Domhnall Gleeson, I was blown away by the chemistry between him and his on-screen father, played by Bill Nighy. This was definitely one of the strongest points of this film (together with the great casting of secondary characters) and I loved seeing them on screen together. The plotline isn't too complicated but held my attention until the end, and while it would perhaps would have been entertaining if another, smaller, storyline had been added to it, I can also appreciate the choice made to just focus on main characters Mary and Tim. I loved the Britishness of this film and am just really glad that once again Richard Curtis managed to create, at least in my eyes, a new romantic comedy classic. About Time is a warm, romantic, sentimental film with a beautiful story at its core. A film that tugged at my heartstrings in the best way possible and one that's undoubtedly a must-see for any Notting Hill or Love Actually fans out there.

Movie reviewed by Jody Hoekstra

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