Twelve Lessons Later - Kate Spencer (2015)

This next instalment in the Lessons series joins Steph in the year after she has completed her first set of 12 life lessons. Now Steph and husband Damien are about to have their first baby, and Steph is in the midst of writing her first book about the 12 lessons. However a visit with her friend, Sue the psychic, gives Steph the insight into the next set of life lessons she will encounter on her continued path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Again we follow Steph through the laughter, tears, heartbreak, inspiration and joy as she continues her journey of self-discovery and growth. With more lovable characters and relatable situations, Steph shows how the lessons can be used in "real-life". This is a brilliantly written, hilariously funny and worthy sequel to the life-changing novel Twelve Lessons. After going through the 12 lessons myself last year, I was amazed and awe-struck to start reading Twelve Lessons Later and finding myself experiencing the same life lessons as Steph. It's as moving and soul-inspiring as the initial book and most recommended - especially for those looking for a life-affirming read. (AT)

Twelve Lessons - Kate Spencer (2012)

Stephanie Salter's world is a carefully manicured illusion. But it takes a surprisingly accurate visit to a psychic to make her realise she needs to break the illusion and find herself and true happiness. Enter the 12 lessons - one for each month of the coming year. Through tears, heartbreak, inspiration and joy, this story follows Steph's progression upwards from rock bottom. This story is a clever mix of the magic of bestselling book The Secret intertwined in a fictitious story with lovable characters and relatable situations, to show how the lessons can be used in "real-life". This is life coach Kate Spencer's debut book. This book should come with a warning that it will change your life with its subtle influences and inspirations for your soul and subconscious. Stephanie's journal of her journey - the "12 Lessons Journal - a companion guide", is being released shortly, and I'm looking forward to reading it. (AT)

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