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A psychic predicted the exact date of Nell’s death about 20 years ago. But then as the date arrives, she wakes up, not dead.

Izzy goes to the Caribbean resort where she should have been getting married and comes home with best-selling author Charles.

Widow Val is off to visit family in London and loses a pouch of four rings with huge sentimental value on the way.

It’s Freya and Cameron’s wedding day but the bride is secretly relieved that the ceremony has been held up by the vicar’s affair.

Toni works in airport transportation, shuttling people to their gate, but is hustling to set up her own business.

When her daughter Harriet announces she’s in love with an American boy, Moira and his father conspire to break them up.

Jessie has always felt the most at home at summer camp. She now manages it but the owners have decided they are selling up.

Wren and Nick continually cross paths without actually meeting but each time they accidentally cause a mishap for the other.

After influencer Ris shares an Instagram photo suggesting she is pregnant, Gail turns up with a fake CV to become her EA.

Plum Everly has grown up appearing on reality TV, and has signed up for a show in France, restoring an old chateau.


Out This Month

Love Story

Author: Lindsey Kelk

Sophie’s a small-town schoolteacher, Joe’s a hotshot creative director. Together, it’s hate at first sight.

But Sophie desperately needs his help. Because she’s Este Cox, the mysterious romance author the entire world is desperate to unmask.

Out This Month

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Author: Jane Costello

Lisa Darling – high-flying TV-exec and twice-divorced mother-of-two – has enough on her plate without having to deal with the handsome New Yorker parachuted in to her best friend’s job at work.


Out This Month

If I Were You

Author: Cesca Major

Amy and Flynn have been dating for two years. But frustrations on the way to her sister’s wedding escalate until they are shouting at each other in a country lane during a thunderstorm.

Why can’t they see things from the other’s point of view? When lightning strikes, they realise they’ve switched bodies.



Out This Month

The Villain Edit

Author: Laurie Devore

Romance novelist Jacqueline Matthis’ career has gone bust so she dreams up a comeback plan – to be a contestant on the most obsessively watched reality dating show.

On set, Jac quickly establishes herself as a front-runner for bachelor Marcus’ heart, but realises she’s getting the villain edit.

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