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Former flatmates Natalie and Fiona are both vying for the same position – can their friendship stand the competition?

Roisin and Joe join friends for a weekend away to celebrate an engagement, a birthday, and the launch of the TV series written by Joe.

Alice can see auras and colours around people, so knows how they are feeling. One day she spots a man with no colours…

After the Queen’s death, Tania has joined her mother Rani in the queue snaking its way to Westminster Hall to pay their respects.

Before a self-help podcaster hires Hannah and Libby’s PR agency,  the sisters have to complete her comfort zone challenge.

Anna finds the perfect opportunity to work at a castle in Lake Como but the owners are only seeking to take on a couple.

Mommy influencer Daphne Cole takes Megan under her wings, encouraging her to become an influencer herself.

This story centres around the friendship that develops between three mums messaging during middle-of-the-night feeds.

One night a woman’s body is found near the beachside running track but who is the victim and who is the culprit?

Sam’s socialite co-worker and a friend from an elite Singaporean family agree to help her make a splash on the social scene.

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Out This Month


Author: Jane Fallon

Social influencer Maddy’s brand is happy families. She preaches loyalty and the sanctity of marriage, and is quickly becoming famous for her wholesome videos of family life.

But she’s also the woman who destroyed Iris’ marriage, and Iris isn’t sure she can bear the hypocrisy …

Out This Month

Faking It

Author: Beth Reekles

It seems that Sophie’s anonymous column about relationships is more successful than her actual dating life.

But now, with her sister’s wedding approaching, she’s determined not to turn up alone – and if she can’t find her soulmate in time, she’ll just have to fake one.

Out This Month

The Break-up Clause

Author: Niamh Hargan

When arrogant new colleague Benjamin swans into Fia’s law firm, it’s no secret they dislike – no, hate – each other. But there is one secret no one knows.

Benjamin isn’t just Fia’s co-worker, he’s also her long-lost husband.


Out This Month

The Five-Star Weekend

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

After her husband’s death, Hollis hears about a “Five-Star Weekend”— where a woman organises a trip for her best friend from each phase of her life: her teenage years, her twenties, her thirties, and midlife. So she decides to host her own on Nantucket.

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