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Hannah’s train carriage detaches and makes its way to Paris, while boyfriend continues on to their destination of Amsterdam.

Meg runs a very profitable business where she gets rid of the people causing trouble in your life but now one of the cases is back.

Lily agrees to be bridesmaid in five weddings over six weeks and starts anonymously blogging about her experiences.

Every year travel writer Poppy takes her friend Alex on a summer holiday. But two years ago, that tradition stopped.

Annie’s left reeling after her groom does a no-show but his parents encourage her to go on the honeymoon to Australia herself.

Alice thinks she’s scored her dream job as PA to high-flying real estate agent Carmel Gold but it turns out more like a nightmare.

Sloane comes from acting royalty and is roped into assisting on a movie set with her family – and a disliked former co-star.

Daisy has never really got on with her stepsister Sage or half-sister Cassidy but both have recently come back into her life.

Ava heads off to a writing retreat in Italy where she meets Dutch but can their romance go the distance back home?

Andrew has been stabbed to death and his ex-wife and current wife are standing over his body. The question is: which one killed him?

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Out This Month

The Beautiful Little Things

Author: Melissa Hill

Romy discovers her mother has left behind some important words of wisdom as a helping hand for them to carry on without her.

Can Cathy’s loving reminder of beautiful little family memories guide her children through the festive season – and on into a future without her?

Out This Month

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Author: Emily Bell 

Ten years ago, Norah and Andrew promised to meet on Christmas Eve if they’re still single. Now the time has come, and Norah has decided to go to Dublin to stand under that clock.

But will Andrew be waiting there for her?

Out This Month

Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions

Author: Laura Starkey

In January, Rachel Ryan’s New Year’s Resolutions are fairly predictable.

But as life throws her a world of crazy, including the return of the man she has spent years trying to forget, will Rachel have to make some very different resolutions?

Out This Month

Just Haven’t Met You Yet

Author: Sophie Cousens

On a business trip, Laura grabs the wrong suitcase from the airport. Her only consolation is its contents, each of which intrigues her more and more.

The owner of this suitcase is clearly Laura’s dream man. Now, all she has to do is find him.

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