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This tale of the rise and fall of Becky is based on Vanity Fair –  but also draws on events in the UK media during the 1990s.

Erin runs into her musician ex busking on the streets. But Adam doesn’t recognise her because he has amnesia after an accident.

Down on her luck, Serena is offered the chance to housesit but finds out that Ziggy, a musician, also has been told he can move in.

Agatha’s rant about menopause at a writers’ festival goes viral, making her a hero for middle-aged women.

When a bomb goes off at a soccer stadium,  Clara immediately thinks of her former boyfriend, Benjamin, who never misses a match.

Moira likes minding her own business until the mayor Gilbert Ryan decides to tear down her mother’s cafe to build a new car park.

Ren rallies the local community in a fundraising drive for her friend’s daughter who has a terminal brain tumour.

Food influencer Julie applies to become a newspaper restaurant critic but the job goes to a guy from a privileged background.

The parents of actress Hayley place her under a conservatorship, which effectively means they control her every move.

After the vivacious Leni dies in a bike accident, her parents and siblings are left coming to terms with their loss.

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Out This Month

The Pink House

Author: Catherine Alliott

If Emma and Hugh take on the family home he grew up in, they must also accept all that comes with it, including his sister living in the garden cottage; playing host to their son’s wedding; converting the barn into an art gallery.

Then Emma runs into the one who got away many years ago.

Out This Month

What Happens on Vacation

Author: Jo Watson

Journalist Margaret needs a vacation. Luckily, the office Quiz Night is coming up and the prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to Zanzibar.

The idea of sharing with colleague Jagger is unthinkable. But if she’s going to get what she needs from this trip, she might have to compromise.

Out This Month

Maybe Next Time

Author: Cesca Major

Emma is having the worst day of her life. And the only person who could make it better is gone by the end of the day.

Yet even worse than all of that: Emma keeps waking up to the same day, over and over again. But what if this is a sign things could be different?

Out This Month

Mother Hens

Author: Sophie McCartney

Cara’s bestie is finally getting hitched, and she’s over the moon because it means they’re going to Ibiza!

Lazy days, crazy nights and child-free hangovers might seem like hedonistic heaven – but it turns out you can get into a hell of a lot of trouble on a party island.

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