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Three couples played the lottery together for years but when they have a big win, one claims the others had pulled out of the syndicate.

Tori’s one connection to the outside world is her three online friends  who encourage her to go on a wellness retreat.

Greta is an overweight actress who hides behind her self-deprecating humour but her issues are about to get her in trouble.

Plus-size influencer Daphne is contacted by her ex-friend Drue because she desperately needs her to be a bridesmaid.

This is a riot of a story about a clean-eating influencer who gets herself in an absolute pickle faking a picture-perfect life.

An alternate universe where Hillary Rodham never married Bill Clinton and the repercussions this has on their political futures.

Reporter Orla meets nature photographer Aiden on assignment  but neither of them is looking for a relationship.

Rachel is thrilled to be offered a role as a columnist – only problem is she has used her friend’s photo on her biography.

These four friends use their bunco nights as an excuse to discard their day-to-day responsibilities as wives and mothers.

This sequel sees mother of four Rachel find her place amongst the other schoolmums, including the overly bossy Penelope.

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Out This Month

Love Your Life

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Ava meets a handsome stranger in Italy and they enjoy a whirlwind, intoxicating romance. But when they return home, reality hits.

They’re both driven mad by each other’s weird quirks and annoying habits. It seems that while they love each other, they just can’t love each other’s lives.

Out This Month

The Good Sister

Author: Sally Hepworth

Fern has a carefully structured life and disrupting her routine can be … dangerous.

When her twin Rose discovers that she cannot fall pregnant, Fern decides to have a baby for her sister. She just needs to find a father.


Out This Month

Because of You

Author: Dawn French

In the same hospital, two very different women give birth to two very similar daughters. Hope leaves with a beautiful baby girl. Anna leaves with empty arms.

Seventeen years later, the power of mother-love will be tested to its limits.

Out This Month


Author: Dolly Alderton

Nina  is a successful food writer with a loyal online following, but a life that is falling apart.

When she uses dating apps for the first time, she becomes a victim of ghosting.

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