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In this Shopaholic tale, Becky is forced by her family to host Christmas for the first time and it’s not easy to make everyone happy.

College art student Natalie is struggling to pay her rent after moving to New York, so a friend suggests she look for a sugar daddy.

Matthew and Myrtle were born on the same day, you know they would be perfect together, but it seems like they will never meet.

On the day her husband dies in a car crash, no one – not even him – knew that Evvie was walking out the door and leaving him.

In this evocative story, Rachel uncovers secrets about her mother’s past that threaten to undo everything she has ever known.

Hannah’s estranged sister returns to ask her to look after her daughter for a few days while she sorts something out.

Bea’s enthralled with the notes penned in a second-hand book and is determined to track down the person responsible.

In a novel that will appeal to film buffs, Arden re-encounters her former lover, Mac, who now has a brain injury.

Attorney Amanda has a hypochondria disorder and starts her day with a checklist looking for symptoms and diseases.

Three friends float  lanterns into the sky on New Year’s Eve and worry when they discover the next day that a light plane crashed nearby.

Out This Month

Beside Herself

Author: Elizabeth LaBan

When she finds out her husband cheated, Hannah suggests having her own affair to even the score.

But does she really want to go through with it?

Out This Month

Chasing the Stars

Author: Virginie Grimaldi

After Anna realises that her family is falling apart, she finds herself squashed together in a campervan with Chloe and Lily, on a mother-daughter road trip across Europe to reach the Northern Lights.


Making Her Debut

Call Me, Maybe

Author: Stephie Chapman

They say never meet your heroes – but what happens when you fall in love with them?

Should Cassie have left her crush in the box marked ‘teenage memories’?

Tis The Season

Christmas at Rachel’s Pudding Pantry

Author: Caroline Roberts

Rachel can’t wait to share a kiss under the mistletoe with her new flame, Tom.

But the arrival of his ex brings an unwelcome chill to Primrose Farm.

2020 Release Dates

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