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During muck-up day, Lilian’s son Jamie’s future is left hanging in the balance after he is struck by a coward’s punch.

Grace goes to desperate lengths to get to her daughter’s sixteenth birthday party even though she’s not invited.

A documentary makes Emily realise that she fits the bill for the average person. So she decides to become more extraordinary.

Isla gets a text message from a guy called Ewan, who claims he is her husband in the future. He even shares a wedding photo.

Gabby sees that the exhausted Andrea could use a helping hand with her son. But can you trust someone you have just met?

Percy’s summers as a teen were blissfully spent at a cottage on the lake, hanging out with the boy from next door, Sam.

Iris is a numbers person, not a sociable person, who builds a dating app to improve the chances of a successful match.

Liza is about to turn 50, has moved on from her younger man Josh, and is looking to get back in with her former employer.

By the end of their weekend catch-up in Paris, the women all go their separate ways and don’t speak to one another.

Management consultant Lucie searches on a co-parenting site for a suitable father to have a child with in a platonic way.

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Out This Month

Someone Else’s Shoes

Author: Jojo Moyes

Nisha lives the globetrotting life of the seriously wealthy, until her husband inexplicably cuts her off. She doesn’t even have her shoes.

That’s because Sam – who’s struggling to keep her family afloat – has accidentally taken Nisha’s gym bag.

Out This Month

All My Love

Author: Miranda Dickinson

By day, Archie works tirelessly as assistant to the editor of a local newspaper. By night, Esther works after hours cleaning the rows of office desks.

Their paths have never crossed, until one discarded Post-it note unexpectedly brings them together.

Out This Month

Queen Bee

Author: Ciara Geraghty

Agatha loves her empty nest – until hot flushes, a pair of killer heels and an overbearing man who won’t stop talking conspire to change her life.

In one moment of madness, she unwittingly becomes a heroine to women everywhere.

Out This Month

The Vintage Shop of Second Chances

Author: Libby Page

The only clue Donna has to unlock her past is a picture of a yellow dress, and the fact it is currently on display in a shop in England.

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