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Ginny was once told by a fortune teller she would experience three losses and three gains. Now the predictions are coming true.

Six summers earlier, Liv falls for LA-based Finn when he fills in as lead singer for a band at a bar on the Cornish coast.

Emma and Lise were inseparable as teenagers but had an argument during their year living in Paris and haven’t spoken since.

Lauren comes home to find a strange man in her flat. What is even stranger is that he appears to be her husband.

Every time Daphne meets a new guy, she is told how long the relationship will last. Until she goes on a blind date with Jake.

When influencer Madison receives an invitation to Ava’s lavish wedding in Lake Como, it’s not certain that she will attend.

Parents are desperate to get their sons into an exclusive boys’ school and it’s nearly time for when applicants are put to the test.

Ruthless family lawyer Esther usually represents women so why did she take on egotistical tech billionaire Peter as a client?

Beatrice is soon living two separate lives – ambitious exec in Ireland, and busy working mum back in New York.

Celebrity life coach Caroline is accused of stealing her ideas for her abundance book from a now-retired philosophy professor.


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Wives Like Us

Author: Plum Sykes

Following a ghastly row about a missing suite of diamonds, Tata has flounced out of the manor with daughter Minty and her executive butler, decamping to The Old Coach House to teach her husband Bryan a lesson.

But Bryan disappears to Venice with a bikini designer.

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The Happy Hour

Author: Cressida McLaughlin

Jess meets Ash as they chase a pickpocket through the market, and before long they are making a habit of running into each other at the same time each week.

Their hour together is the brightest part of Jess’ life. But Ash isn’t telling her everything.

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The Second Chance

Author: Charlotte Butterfield

On the day a psychic predicted she’d die, Nell sends five excruciatingly honest confessions to her sister, parents and past loves.

But when she wakes up the next morning, she must figure out exactly how to seize this second chance at life.



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A Good Life

Author: Virginie Grimaldi

For a long time, Emma hasn’t wanted to be involved in her sister Agathe’s life.

But then they must return together to the Basque Country, to the house of their adored grandmother, to empty out her home and in the process to reconcile, to remember, and to pour out what is in their hearts.

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