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Journalist Jillian meets the founder of an exclusive club for women and is hoping to wangle an invite so she can write an expose.

Eve, Susie, Ed and Justin are a tightly knit group of  thirty-something friends but one night their weekly outing ends in tragedy.

Chaos ensues when Meddelin accidentally kills her blind date the night before her family is working at a big wedding.

An extended family are heading to their holiday house for Christmas but are involved in a horrible multi-car accident.

When a new patient arrives in the hospital bed next to Alfie, he is told that she refuses to see or speak to anyone.

The Countess realises she has to stop obsessing over the MSL: the Man She Loves but will need the support of some friends.

After her son is implicated in an Instagram scandal, Liv resolves things are going to change – both at home and at school.

One night two local women  turn up on Grace’s doorstep needing a place to stay and a mothers’ commune is formed.

Two very different women, Anna and Hope, are in labour but only one of the mothers will return home with a baby.

Little does Bec know when she throws her surgeon husband Stuart a big 40th bash that his job will soon be on the line.

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Out This Month

Three Weddings and a Proposal

Author: Sheila O’Flanagan

At the first wedding, there’s a shock.

The second wedding is unexpected.

By the third, Delphie thinks nothing could surprise her. But she’s wrong . . .

Out This Month

The Great Greek Escape

Author: Sue Roberts

Her TV career in tatters, Sam is struggling to stay positive when she gets an invitation to a whitewashed farmhouse on a Greek island.

Just as she begins to appreciate the simple pleasures that Greek life has to offer, she runs into an old flame from home.

Out This Month

It Had To Be You

Author: Georgia Clark

For the past twenty years, Liv and Eliot Goldenhorn have run a Brooklyn wedding-planning business.

When Eliot dies unexpectedly, he leaves half of the business to his younger, blonder girlfriend, Savannah. Liv and Savannah are not a match made in heaven!

Out This Month

The Couple

Author: Helly Acton

If society’s views on relationships were different and the norm was to be single, would you risk everything for love?

Millie lands a new project, launching a pill that prevents you falling in love, but feels an instant connection to co-worker Ben.

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