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This story tracks one 24-hour period at the all-night cafe in London,  introducing us to many of the customers and staff.

In Brooklyn 1982, Oona’s ready to celebrate New Year and her 19th birthday. But  she finds herself in 2015 in her 51-year-old body.

Em has invited her new boyfriend along on a summer holiday to Cornwall with her kids – what could go wrong?

Emily doesn’t believe she needs to go to anger management. And Jake is only there because his wife pushed him into it.

At Johnny’s 50th birthday dinner, his sister-in-law lets slip some serious family secrets after suffering concussion.

Grace struggles to stay in control when her teenage daughter collapses at school and rumours swirl about what caused it.

A new family moves in during the annual street party. But newcomer Charlie makes it clear she’s not here to make friends.

Annie has been pushed out of her chemistry job for shoving a colleague and her fiance Jon has taken off to Paris – without her.

Rosalyn meets Emma who’s off to France to uncover the truth about letters her great-aunt wrote to a soldier during World War I.

One day Alison leaves Sheffield without letting Daniel know why. Decades later,  he sends her a link to a song.

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Out This Month

Queen Bee

Author: Jane Fallon

Welcome to The Close where Stella is the indisputable Queen Bee.

It is here that Laura rents a tiny studio. Unfortunately, her arrival upsets suspicious Stella – who fears Laura has designs on her fiance, Al.

Out This Month

We Just Clicked

Author: Anna Bell

Izzy Brown has always dreamed of being an Instagram influencer.

So when fellow Instagrammer Luke suggests they ‘fake date’ to boost their profiles, Izzy says yes. Everyone tells a few fibs on social media, right?


Out This Month

Husband Replacement Therapy

Author: Kathy Lette

At her 50th birthday party, Ruby reveals what she really thinks of everyone and accuses her husband of having an affair.

Then she announces she has terminal cancer and plans on taking off with her two sisters.

Out This Month

Confessions of a Forty Something

Author: Alexandra Potter

Nell’s happy ever after in California falls apart and she moves back to London to start over.

But a lot has changed since she’s been gone and she feels like a f*ck up.

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