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When professional bridesmaid Sophie is hired for a big society wedding, the bride Cordelia is out to sabotage her efforts.

On a trip back home for his father’s funeral, divorce lawyer Nell finally sees Art, the guy who broke her heart years ago.

Georgia has been secretly messaging her real-life friend under an assumed name but soon becomes the topic of conversation.

Millie has to promote a new pill that makes you immune to feeling romantic love. Because in this world, it’s preferable to be single.

Hannah’s train carriage detaches and makes its way to Paris, while boyfriend continues on to their destination of Amsterdam.

Liza asks Sarah to check on her son, who is in the playground. But Sarah is distracted and an accident ensues.

On the day of Livia’s party, Adam gets some terrible news and is faced with a dilemma: does he tell his wife and ruin her night?

Three flatmates and a guest are stuck in an attic, with a skylight and sporadic wi-fi their only connection to the outside world.

Jane falls for woodturner Duncan, who seems to have former girlfriends continually coming out of the woodwork.

Alice thinks she’s scored her dream job as PA to high-flying real estate agent Carmel Gold but it turns out more like a nightmare.


Out This Month

The Woman in the Middle

Author: Milly Johnson

Shay is part of the sandwich generation – caring for her parents and her children, and supporting her husband.

Then the arrival of a large orange skip on her mother’s estate sets in motion a cataclysmic series of events which leads to the collapse of Shay’s world.

Out This Month

The Party Crasher

Author: Sophie Kinsella

The Talbots are having one last party at their family home. But Effie, who’s still not over her parents splitting up a year ago, hasn’t been invited.

But she decides to sneak back in anyway to retrieve her precious Russian dolls.

Out This Month

The Reboot

Author: Clodagh Murphy

Ella and Roly have bright futures ahead of them when they strike up an unlikely friendship as teenagers. She has her career in academia all mapped out, and his star is in the ascendant as a boy band member.

But ten years later, neither is where they expected to be.

Out This Month

The Younger Wife

Author: Sally Hepworth

Tully and Rachel are murderous when they discover their father has a new girlfriend.

The fact that Heather is half his age isn’t even the most shocking part. Stephen is still married to their mother, who is in a care facility with Alzheimer’s.

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