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 The Memory Shop  Ella Griffin

Nora sets up shop in Dublin to deal with her grandparents' deceased estate.

Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe  Melissa De La Cruz

Her mother's heart attack forces Darcy Fitzwilliams to go back home to Pemberley.

  One Christmas Kiss In Notting Hill - Mandy Baggot

Isla's life is disrupted by the arrival in London of her company's CEO, Chase.

 Have You Met Nora? - Nicole Blades

About to marry into a wealthy family, Nora's secret past threatens to ruin everything.

The Worst Case Scenario Cookery Club - Chrissie Manby

Liz, John and Bella enrol in a beginner's cookery class for different reasons.


On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond

Four friends witness a shocking accident which acts as a catalyst for each of them.

Mrs by Caitlin Macy

These three women's paths collide when their children attend the same preschool.

This Could Change Everything - JIll Mansell

What happens when a private message to a friend gets seen by thousands by mistake?

Between Me and You - Allison Winn Scotch

Ben is a fledgling screenwriter on the brink of success, while Tatum's a struggling actress.

Million Love Songs by Carole Matthews

After splitting up with her cheating ex-husband, Ruby Brown is ready for a change.

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The Three of Us by Kim Lock

AUSTRALIAN MADE: The street has seen it all. Until the arrival of Thomas, Elsie and Aida.

Top of the Naughty List by Chrissie Manby

TIS THE SEASON: The menfolk of the Benson-Edwards household areh on Santa's 'naughty list'.

Baby Boom - Helen Wallen

MAKING HER DEBUT: Three women are all winging it as they are about to become mothers.

The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Flora is in turmoil about her relationship, Lorna is pining after the doctor.

A Very Irish Christmas by Claudia Carroll

TIS THE SEASON: Carole gets a visit by the ghost of Christmases past, present and future.


The Place We Met by Isabelle Broom

The past that tour guide Taggie so desperately wanted to escape is catching up with her.


The One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria

Reunited classmates soon fall head-first into an affair but what follows is not the happy-ever-after either had imagined.


Roomies by Christina Lauren

Calvin gets his big break in a Broadway musical and enters a fake relationship with Holland because his visa has expired.


 The Client - Pamela DuMond

Charlotte, who works for a matchmaking company, is head-over-heels for a client, Joe.

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