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Delphie gets another chance at life if she finds a particular guy and gets him to voluntarily kiss her within 10 days.

Three siblings decide to go in on a lottery ticket, one declines to join them. What happens when they win millions?

Jess, who works at the bustling Greenwich markets, has a new tradition of a one-hour Sunday meetup with Ash each week.

Louisa is shocked when husband Kip announces he’s ending their marriage to move in with their son’s ex-girlfriend.

Ginny was once told by a fortune teller she would experience three losses and three gains. Now the predictions are coming true.

After being made redundant from her corporate job, Clover decides to take off to Italy and soon finds herself imagining a new way of life.

Professor Agatha changes tack with her writing assignment after interviewing some girls at a University of Arkansas dorm.

Filling in at bookstore that’s only allowed to sell classics, Maggie starts selling modern genre titles under the counter.

Rosie has arrived in Mudgee to host a radio show and for a fresh start. She’s dismayed to find her new co-host is an obnoxious TV vet.

When influencer Madison receives an invitation to Ava’s lavish wedding in Lake Como, it’s not certain that she will attend.


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Author: Fearne Cotton

Stuck in the middle of her chaotic family and taken for granted by boyfriend Adam, Jade’s forgotten how to speak for herself.

Then she finds a mysterious script, predicting a row with Adam which becomes reality: word for word, line for line. Then, more scripts appear.

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You Belong With Me

Author: Mhairi McFarlane

Dating actor Elliot is not easy. Being an ocean apart and followed by the press is one thing, but when Edie’s friends and his family are drawn in, things get messy.

Then her boss hires Declan, who’s there for her when times are tough.

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The Reunion

Author: Beth Reekles

Ten years after graduating, the class of 2014 are back for the reunion, packed into a school gym full of familiar faces – and plenty of new secrets.

With an evening of power cuts, fire alarms, sneaking off to explore classrooms in the dark, stolen kisses and heated fights – it’s like they never left at all.



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This is Fine

Author: Poorna Bell

When Padma’s fifteen-year-old niece Myra falls in with the wrong crowd and her life ends up in danger, it’s the final straw for her parents.

Now Padma will spend the summer with her niece – in a ramshackle, ivy-clad house on the Kent clifftops – running a DIY rehab of sorts.

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