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Not long after mother-of-two Mel’s marriage ended, a young guy moves in upstairs who reminds her of someone she used to know.

Joni has hit it off with Ant but when she discovers he’s still messaging and dating other women, she contacts them.

A friend gifts her a stay at a romance reboot retreat for her 40th birthday but Nora has no interest in finding a man.

When Ally died, she left behind a heartbroken fiance Charlie and best friend Becca who don’t get along at all.

Family and friends converge on the scenic Italian region for the joint celebrations of Cat’s wedding and Sarah’s 40th birthday.

Socially awkward Liv feels like she’s on the outer again when another woman, Ange, is introduced into her group of friends.

Meredith hasn’t left her Glasgow home in 1214 days. With the help of her therapist, can Meredith step outside again?

Lawyer Olivia really, really wants to be a stand-up comedian and gets a break when she is called in to open for Nick Leto.

Denise uncharacteristically takes off for a night away with her new friend Thea. But then one day becomes two, then three …

When Joel’s heart stops while playing soccer,  Kerry rushes to perform CPR as Tim – also trained in first aid – freezes.

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Out This Month

Holiday Romance

Author: Catherine Walsh

Molly and Andrew are trying to get home to Ireland for the holidays, when a freak snowstorm grounds their flight.

Knowing Andrew is a full-on fanatic for the festive season, instead of just celebrating the holidays together in America, she vows to get him home somehow.

Out This Month

One Last Gift

Author: Emily Stone

Cassie and Tom lost their parents at a young age and relied on each other to cope. But, twenty years later, Cassie has lost Tom as well and she’s never felt so alone.

Then Cassie finds an envelope with her name on it – and realises it’s the first clue in the Christmas scavenger hunt that Tom has made for her.

Out This Month

This Year’s For Me and You

Author: Emily Bell 

When Celeste discovers a list of Hannah’s New Year’s Resolutions, she is determined to complete them.

Little does she know that doing so will reunite her with someone from her past …

Out This Month

Just Like Magic

Author: Sarah Hogle

Bettie boasts an extravagant lifestyle on social media. But the reality is Bettie is broke and squatting in Colorado, and her family has no idea.

She accidentally conjures up Hall, the Holiday Spirit, and realises she has a chance to make all her holiday wishes come true.

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