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Emma Love runs a dating agency that runs Jane Austen-like Regency events and this season is being held over the festive period.

Morgan’s 18-year-old son wants to know more about his father so she has to get back in touch with her former schoolfriends.

Charlie is on her way to New York to meet up with boyfriend Harry, but when she arrives at the airport, there is no sign of him.

Rolling Stone writer and music lover Cecilia is trying to track down the mystery woman behind a classic love song.

Neurodivergent Cassandra is dumped and fired from her job but then discovers a way to go back and change things.

Jessie’s parents offer her a job as an activities officer at their aged care community centre and moves in with her brother.

Diary keeper Celia leads an organised and controlled life but a diagnosis requires her to make some lifestyle changes.

The usual families head over to Fire Island but before the end of the season, a body will be found near the boardwalk.

Cassidy proposes an article where she dates her rival Jack like it’s the 1950s, and records his expected chauvinistic response.

Deciding it is better to stay as friends, Hallie and Jack team up on dates, and forge a wager about who will find a partner first.


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The Wedding of the Year

Author: Jill Mansell

Freya owes Cameron everything. But she doesn’t love him. Which is a shame, because they’re about to be married.

Lottie is a guest at the wedding when she sees Max – and that overwhelming electric attraction is back. But he is way out of bounds.

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The Other Bridget

Author: Rachael Johns

Named after the fictional character, librarian Bridget Jones was raised on a remote cattle station, with only her mother’s romance novels for company.

She decides to put two men to the test by finding just the right books to capture their hearts.

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Love, Me

Author: Jessica Saunders

Lawyer Rachel’s world is upended when racy photos of her and her high school boyfriend, actor Jack Bellow — along with his love letters to her — are published in a tabloid.

Being thrust into the spotlight calls into question her marriage, her career, and her superstar ex.



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Love at First Flight

Author: Jo Watson

When air-traffic controller Pippa finally meets pilot Andrew face-to-face, they realise they both need a date.

Pippa wants to evade the inevitable questions at her ten-year school reunion. And Andrew needs to get his well-meaning family off his back.

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