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Cake - Carmen Jenner (2018)


Wedding planner Poppy Porter should have been planning her own wedding and heading off on her honeymoon with Chase. Instead, she is now helping to plan her now ex-best friend's wedding to her ex-fiance. The worst thing is that Poppy can't say no as her job is also on the line if she stuffs up. As the maid of honour, Poppy is being pushed together with the best man, Leo. He also happens to be the one who talked Chase into leaving her. Leo has always picked on Poppy but deep down he always knew that Poppy was too good for his cheating friend. Poppy doesn't see it that way, and it makes her hate Leo even more. What happens though when Leo's brother, Jasper, bets Leo that he can't score with Poppy? Now Leo's apartment is on the line, can Leo finally get the girl of his dreams?
I loved this book as it made me laugh and reminded me of one of my favourite movies, The Wedding Planner. It was such a quick read as I could not put it down. (PP)



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