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Broken Bay - Andrea Dunlop (2017)


Hannah's bachelor party will be low-key: just her and her four bridesmaids spending the weekend in a rented house on the remote Walker Island, off the coast of Washington. But, after a night drinking and sharing secrets, the bridesmaids wake up the following morning to find out that the bride has disappeared. Their cell phones have no signal and the bad weather conditions prevent them from going out to look for her. Where did Hannah go? Why isn't she more excited about her wedding? And is there a ghost in their house?
This is a novella from an author I just discovered, but who I intend to read more from. It is a story about five women who have to handle husbands, children, families, jobs, and other people's expectations. The characters are well-developed and their conversations were engaging and provoking, ranging from marriage to infidelity, from love to feminism. With some suspense and also a bit of a fantastic element, the only fault I found in this book is that it is too short! (NP)



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