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Bring Me Back - B.A. Paris (2018)


Finn and Kayla are a happy couple. Until, one night, on their way back from skiing in France, Finn stops the car in an almost deserted parking lot to use the toilet and when he returns, Layla has disappeared. The police thinks he killed her but unable to find a body or any proof they let him go. Twelve years later, Finn leads a normal life in a village just outside of London with his soon-to-be wife Ellen, who happens to be Layla's older sister. Their normal life is disrupted when they start receiving small Russians dolls and Finn gets emails from someone who knows what happened the night that Layla disappeared.
I've become a fan of B. A. Paris this year, first reading The Breakdown and then her debut novel Behind Closed Doors and I quickly fell in love with her writing and her complex and well-crafted characters, so I was very eager to read this latest novel. I wasn't disappointed because I think it's her best so far. The story is compelling, suspenseful, and full of surprises and twists and turns. I love how the author gets into the characters' minds and develops them throughout the novel. An unputdownable novel that will make you forget to sleep. (NP) 10/10



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