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Boy Meets Nerd - Leia Shaw (2014)


Emerson True, aka the Nerd, is a graduate of MIT, and her specialty is computers and coding. Her goal is to find and create a new prime number. She also works as a P.I. to help pay the bills and this is how she meets Levi, aka the Boy. He is a video game score musician who teaches guitar lessons to children, and he is in love with a girl he has been chatting to online called Hope Love. But every time he asks her to video chat him, she comes up with an excuse. One thing leads to another and Levi hires Emerson to find out if he is being catfished. During this time, Emerson and Levi spend a lot of time together as the real identity of Hope Love is revealed. Will Levi want to stay with her after he discovers some of what he has been told is lies? Will Levi realise that his perfect match is right in front of him rather than the girl behind the computer screen in Ohio? Find out in this perfect romance read for the geek side of us all. (PP)



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