Chicklit Club



Book Club - Jaime Boust (2015)


Imagine a group of five middle-aged women meeting every month to discuss erotica books and map out their aspirations and inspirations on dream boards assisted by the latest self-help book. The club seems to go through the motions at first but then high-powered exec Marissa's sister, Hope, arrives on the scene and within a few weeks she has caused an uproar in their book group and challenged the women to stop talking about things and actually "just do it". As the events unfold, it made me think of a female version of The Hangover, with kidnapping, missing people including the People's Magazine Sexiest Man Alive, Korean Nacho Dogs and a good romp here and there. This novella has something for a wide range of readers, including those looking for romance or humour. And for those geeky book chicks, there's some literature references. After reading this it made me wonder whether I should join a book club because if they are anything like the one here, sign me up quick! (PP)



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