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Boned - Anonymous (2008)


This highly anticipated tell-all from a network television insider wasn't at all what I expected. The blurb relates that current affairs host Kate Corish has reached her use-by date at 40 and that her boss Mike Ripley is behind a campaign to get rid of her. But apart from the prologue and the last few chapters, the book doesn't delve into this power play at all. Instead it sets the scene for why Kate doesn't fit in this ruthless man's world - following her 19-year career at Channel Eight from enthusiastic assistant producer, to feisty award-winning war correspondent and poised anchor. Most of the executive men are foul-mouthed pigs, while the ambitious pretty young things are often all too willing to trade favours. Boned will appeal to those wanting a tantalising glimpse into tabloid TV shows and men behaving badly. The ending though definitely contributed to the dip in its ratings.



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