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Blood Sisters - Jane Corry (2017)


Alison works as a college art teacher and, to earn more money, she teaches art in an open prison to men who are considered low-risk. Kitty lives in a care facility because of a brain injury that prevents her from talking, although her thoughts are loud and clear. Both Alison and Kitty's lives drastically changed after an accident that happened 15 years before. Kitty doesn't remember the accident, although her memories are slowly coming back, while Alison's guilt prevents her from having a normal social life.
This is a dark and chilling story about sibling rivalry and secrets. The author deftly portrays life inside a prison and a care facility. I found the characters not particularly likable but they are well-developed and full of surprises. At the beginning of the novel, there were things that seemed unbelievable and too much of a coincidence. But as the narration alternates between the past and the present, the suspense slowly builds, secrets are revealed and there are twists and turns until the very last page that kept me completely immersed. (NP)



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