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Belonging - Isabella Wiles (2018)


It is the 1990s and Victoria is looking to change her career path and is searching for a true and meaningful relationship. She moves away from her family home and settles into a job that provides a gateway into the world and the adventure and travelling that she yearns for. When her flatmate's brother Chris comes from New Zealand for a long-awaited visit to his 'rellies' in the UK, the fizz of attraction between them is like a bolt of lightning. So begins their intense and passionate romance and subsequent frequent visits to each other on each side of the globe.
They worry about how their long-distance romance will work with each of them so deeply rooted to their homelands. Their much-anticipated reunions are sizzling but the lengthy weeks apart are pure torture. Insecurities, secrecy and jealousy fuel the fires of suspicion and resentment but they are both equally determined to make their relationship work and look forward to a future together.
The storytelling of this debut novel is almost lyrical and the descriptions of the various setting so enchanting that the story brought me to a beautiful and vivid place within the scene. It was as if I were there with them. I loved the characterisation and the direction the story took. Isabella is a very talented writer and this genre suits her perfectly. I look forward to reading other novels in the 'Victoria in Love' series. (JH)



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