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Banking on a Wedding - Nelly Berlin (2016)


George Baker, heir to the duchy of San Michele, is summoned by his aunt to a meeting. He expects she will question him about irregularities which have arisen in the investment arms of the bank he manages. But instead she informs him that he has to be married by the age of 35, in order to inherit the title of viscount, due to a clause in his late father's will. Otherwise his half brother Louis will inherit the position. Stunned, not least because he is 35 in three months time, George finds himself presented with a list of suitable candidates for his wife-to-be. George, however, is more focussed on catching the culprit who is deceiving his bank. He turns to Steve Watson, a data security specialist, to help him track and catch the person responsible for the anomalies. Steve's daughter Hetty is sent to sort the computer program. To the unsuspecting George she is plain Hetty Watson but in reality, she is Hetty Hattenbach, a renowned actress who finds herself thrust somewhat reluctantly into the spotlight when her ex-boyfriend sells his story to the newspapers. Mortified, Hetty journeys back home and reverts to her first love - computer programming - a dream she reluctantly gave up ten years earlier, under pressure from her mother to become an actress. Initially George and Hetty feel instant dislike but as Hetty begins to reprogram the Bank of San Michele's central computer, she finds herself and George becoming closer. But George somehow finds himself engaged to Darcy, a socialite who is not going to give up the idea of becoming the future Viscountess of San Michele. Will George relinquish his title or end up marrying Darcy to inherit his dukedom?
This was a fun read: part love story and part mystery. The characters of George and Hetty were well written and you find yourself rooting for their union as they negotiate the pitfalls they face in realising their love for each other. It's a light and entertaining read. (LP)



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