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A Royal Affair - Amy Saunders (2017)


Desi is heir to the throne of Lorencia - a female-run kingdom where her mother is Queen. Astin has come to Lorencia hoping to build a bigger Gold Hotel Empire as he has taken over the reins of his father's business. A year ago, Desi and Astin spent a night together and then it was over in a flash, but it appears they still have feelings for one another. Desi is cautious though, as she is torn between believing that Astin loves her or that he is simply using her because of her position.
Royalty is one of my favourite tropes but the thing that I found with A Royal Affair was that it didn't engage me as much as I expected and I wonder if I am more partial to the traditional Cinderella style of prince falling in love with a commoner than a gender reversal of princess and commoner. Either that or I just couldn't connect with the character of Desi. (PP)



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