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Are You Sleeping - Kathleen Barber (2017)


Her father was murdered, her mother left her and her twin sister Lanie to join a cult, and she and Lanie haven't talked in ten years, but all of this is in the past for Josie Buhrman. She now lives a quiet and normal life with her boyfriend Caleb in New York until a reporter starts a podcast to investigate the 13-year-old murder of her father. The podcast goes viral and everywhere she goes Josie hears people talking about it. And Josie has never told Caleb the truth about her past that is now catching up with her.
I was addicted to this suspenseful novel from the beginning. The author does an amazing job in keeping the reader glued to the page by creating well-developed characters and a unique and consuming storyline. The transcripts of the podcast along with comments and tweets from the followers are realistic and entertaining and perfectly portray the power of social media in today's society. Unlike many psychological thrillers I have read recently, this novel is not violent because, although the murder of Josie's father is central to the story, most of the novel focuses on her relationship with her family and her boyfriend. A fresh and unforgettable novel that you can't (and won't) put down! (NP)



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