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Any Way You Slice It - Monique McDonell (2014)


Are you a fan of arranged marriage stories, especially ones that start off as shams but later fall into the category of real love? In this novella, we meet Australian Piper who lives in the United States and runs an amazing pie food truck business. She gets some bad news - that her visa is about to expire. Unless a miracle can occur, she has one month before she is deported back to Australia and can kiss her business Aussie Pie Trucks goodbye. Enter her best friend with a clever idea - she can pretend to marry her cousin Aaron. He's a lawyer who needs to settle down in order to make partner. This way both of them win but what happens when the line starts to get blurred from fake marriage to real feelings? Can they both see where the new reality begins or will they think the other is playing a game and is really good at the charade? A cute read for those who loved The Proposal movie. (PP)

Rating 7/10


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