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Always on the Run - Crystal Bowling (2013)


Jamie has always been a planner, a list girl, but her perfect planning has started to unravel. Her eccentric aunty keeps trying to set her up with the eligible sons of the rich people at her country club. Surprisingly the latest guy happens to be a down-to-earth and genuine nice guy who doesn't flaunt the fact that his family have a lot of money. Cal, who was left at the altar, now keeps being set up on blind dates, and is eager for this to stop. So he and Jamie decide to create a fake relationship to keep both families off their backs. What will happen when they start to develop real feelings though? Are they both still playing the game or do they both want more? When things normally get a bit hard for Jamie, she flees - will she flee from Cal or will she realise that sometimes plans and rules were meant to be broken? I really liked the way it turns out that Cal and Jamie's families have history dating back years, which is highlighted throughout the book. Always on the Run - the second in the Always the Bridesmaid series - is the ideal read for all those who have had their plans ruined or been set up on annoying blind dates. (PP)



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