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All Access - Liberty Kontranowski (2016)


Imagine you are obsessed with a rock star and you are a writer? Would you ever base a character on him? Would your story mirror his life? Now imagine what would happen if your celebrity crush contacted you after reading your book? That is exactly what happened to Kallie after her divorce, she decided to write a romance book and base the female character Emily on herself and her favourite artist, Niles Russell, was the inspiration for male lead Nash. Out of the blue, Kallie gets a text from NR saying how he loved the book and that he wants to meet. Kallie at first dismisses it, thinking it's her best friend Sara playing a prank. But it actually turns out to be the "real" Niles Russell - her ultimate fan girl crush. The pair plan to meet at his Chicago concert - both as nervous as the other. In order to make this relationship work, they must learn to be completely honest with one another and give each other an All Access pass to their lives. If you are wanting a fan girl meets celebrity story of sorts with a quirky spice of romantic comedy to it, then get ready and grab your passes as you head into the first book in the Fangirl series. (PP)



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