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A Hopeaholic's Hallelujah - Vanessa Leah Stevenson (2014)


Aspiring singer Jessica moves to Cyprus to accept a contract to perform for the tourists. Unfortunately, Jessica's experience does not go the way she envisions. Her accommodations are atrocious, the people who hired her are awful, her schedule is a stand-by on-call position and she finds herself attracted to Aidan, one of her singing partners. I liked Jessica, Aidan and the other singers but I really struggled with staying connected to the story. I kept waiting for Jessica to make a decision about her future, whether it would be with Aidan or her fiance Peter; whether to stay in Cyprus or return to London. By the time she made the decisions, the book was over and I felt like the ending was rushed. Though I found parts of this story enjoyable and entertaining, overall the storyline dragged on far too long with a rushed resolution. (SH)

Rating 7/10


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