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Adventurous Proposal - Laura Barnard (2016)


Florence is so over online dating and been stood up by every guy she wants to date. This makes her accept the first proposal she gets. With twenty-five days to plan a wedding to Hugh, she must deal with everything that comes along, such as her future mother-in-law, and her jealous ex. The small matter of where they should live needs to be sorted too.
This is my first book by Laura Barnard and what a treat I got. The problems Florence needs to sort out means this turns into a book full of fun and laughter as well as feeling anger at some of the characters. I didn't like the mother-in-law to-be, she turned her nose up at Florence and at times her own son and Hugh just stood there, taking her digs at them. I really liked Florence and she took all that was thrown at her in her stride. The writing was easy to read and flowed really well. While set at Christmas, this novella didn't feel like a Christmassy book so it can be read any time of the year. I look forward to reading more from Laura. (KD)



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