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Last Christmas, she wrote in his card that she fancied him. Since then, relations between the two co-workers have been rather curt.

After a break-up, Wren heads to Indiana to stay with her father and meets the intoxicating Anders from a neighbouring farm.

If a comedy audience is a tough crowd, then for Abi, her new boyfriend’s young daughters are even harder to impress.

When Will loses his job after a silly mistake, wife Sarah, who works at the same marketing firm, is invited to step into his shoes.

Visiting her sister in LA, greeting card writer Phoebe offers to write a guy a love letter on behalf of one of her friends.

Ellis finds her mum is not only consulting realtors over selling the family home but is also dating a younger guy, Trevor, a dentist.

Three women come up with an idea for an app that pays people to take on the mental load that usually falls to a wife.

Jess stumbles across an island secret – that if you sit on a cliffside bench as the sun goes down, you can go back in time.

Who killed Ciara, the queen bee of the local mums, with the grand house, well-behaved children and big Instagram following?

Now about to turn 30, indie record store worker Kathy is beginning to realise it may be time to take stock of her life.


Out This Month


Author: Sara Pascoe

When Chris enters the pub and re-enters her life, Sophie has a chance at creating a new ending and paying off her emotional debts (if not her financial ones).

All she has to do is act exactly like a normal, well-adjusted person and not say any of her inner monologue out loud.

Out This Month

Divorced (Not Dead)

Author: Harper Ford

After leaving her husband of twenty years, Frankie decides to throw herself back into the dating game with a vengeance.

On her best friend’s recommendation, she signs up to two dating apps: one for love, another for casual hook-ups.

Out This Month

The Second Chance Hotel

Author: Sierra Godfrey

After travelling around Europe for three months, Amelia settles on a small Greek island to reset her life.

But she gets tricked into marrying a stranger and they are gifted a hotel they don’t want that’s in desperate need of some TLC.


Out This Month

Swimming for Beginners

Author: Nicola Gill 

Loretta has life under control. Children do not come into the mix.

This all changes, however, when a stranger in an airport asks Loretta to keep an eye on her sleeping six-year-old, Phoebe. The stranger never comes back.

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