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60 Ways to Die in South America - Tracy Ashworth (2017)


Lucy Hart is the Classified section journo of her local newspaper. She's nursing a broken heart after her boyfriend cheated on her with her boss and she has a roommate that not only has loud sex but also lets all their stuff get stolen. Just when it seems as if life can't get any worse, Lucy is forced to either become unemployed or replace the injured travel writer and journey to South America. She's to be accompanied by handsome photographer Jack Dawson, who's engaged to Noel, an overachieving doctor. But together, these two have a fantastic romp through South America where everything that can go wrong, does.
Ashworth is a bright fresh voice and has delivered a story full of funny anecdotes. As it says in the blurb - it's a travel-inspired novel about love, llamas and trying not to die and for anyone who has ever felt like they're not winning at life. (LF)



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