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 One Way Ticket to Paris- Emma Robinson Good Luck With That - Kristan Higgins

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 The House of Birds and Butterflies  Cressida McLaughlin

Abby loves her job at a nature reserve but gets distracted when author Jack arrives.

 No One Cancels Christmas  Zara Stoneley

Sarah is always happy to recommend The Shooting Star Mountain resort to her clients.

How to be Perfect  - Holly Wainwright

Blogger Elle is back in business, promoting a wholesome lifestyle for "goddesses".

The Middle-Aged Virgin - Olivia Spring

Realising that life is indeed short, workaholic Sophia makes a list to improve her life.

  Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

None could imagine just how challenging their time at the health resort is going to be.


An Impossible Thing Called Love - Belinda Missen

William disappeared out of Emmy's life but he's just walked in on her first day at a new job.

The Accidental Beauty Queen - Teri Wilson

Charlotte has to step into her identical twin sister's beauty pageant contestant shoes.

If We're Not Married by Thirty - Anna Bell

No one really follows through on these pacts to get married by a certain age ... right?

It Started With A Note - Victoria Cooke

Cath heads on an adventure to France to retrace her great-grandfather's footsteps.

For Once in My Life - Colleen Coleman

For a new newspaper column, Lily has to do one thing every week that scares her.

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The Sisters - Kate Forster

AUSTRALIAN MADE: Beneath this family's ritzy facade lies a web of deceit and betrayal.

Can You Keep a Secret movie

SCREEN SCENE: Filming kicks off for the latest Sophie Kinsella story set for the big screen.

The List That Changed My Life - Olivia Beirne

MAKING HER DEBUT: Georgia finds herself on a mission when her sister is diagnosed with MS.

'Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners - Gretchen Anthony

MAKING HER DEBUT: Violet goes to increasing lengths to wrest back control of her family.

The Christmas Wish - Tilly Tennant

TIS THE SEASON: Booking a holiday to Lapland, love is the last thing on Esme's mind.


The Mother of All Christmases - Milly Johnson

Winterworld's Eve, Christmas cracker factory owner Annie and surrogate mother Palma all meet at the Christmas Pudding Club.


 A Christmas Gift - Sue Moorcroft

Georgine throws herself into organising the Christmas show at the local school.


The Guilty Wife - Elle Croft

Photographer Bethany may be guilty of many things but the murder of her married lover is not one of them.


Fraud by J.L. Berg

Kate has a secret identity as the wildly popular author Laura Stone. Journalist Killian is out to expose the real Laura Stone.

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