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It Started With a Tweet   - Anna Bell

Daisy goes on a digital detox when she loses her job after a tweet goes wrong.

  It Had to be You  - Keris Stainton

Bea's been having the same dream for years - of seeing the man of her dreams in a park.

 The Future She Left Behind - Marin Thomas

Katelyn heads back to her hometown in Texas with her mother-in-law in tow.

Winter At West Sands Guest House  Maggie Conway

Eva hasn't been on a date since the death of her husband, seven years ago.

 The Memory Shop  Ella Griffin

Nora sets up shop in Dublin to deal with her grandparents' deceased estate.


The Right Girl - Ellie O'Neill

Freya has thrived since getting a lifestyle app that knows her better than she knows herself.

The Story of Our Lives - Helen Warner

Could a lie that spans their twenty-year friendship tear these four women apart?

The Wildflowers by Harriet Evans

My father gave us a golden childhood but the past was going to catch up with him.

Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Sylvie and Dan create little surprises for each other, to keep their relationship fresh and fun.

The Single Girl's Calendar by Erin Green

Esme gets the Single Girl's Calendar, which has a different cure for heartbreak every day.

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This Love Story Will Self-Destruct - Leslie Cohen

MAKING HER DEBUT: The classic tale of boy meets girl ... girl goes home with someone else.

Last of the Summer Moet by Wendy Holden

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Laura Lake has been promoted to the hot seat while her boss is in rehab.

Trying - Emily Phillips

MAKING HER DEBUT: Olivia and Felix are trying for a baby but it's just not happening.

The Cactus by Sarah Haywood

MAKING HER DEBUT: Prickly Susan has no need for messy emotional relationships.

The Spring Girls by Anna Todd

CLASSIC TWIST: A modern-day retelling of Little Women with Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

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