Unbearable Lightness - Portia de Rossi (2010)

Portia de Rossi - born Amanda Lee Rogers - became a quick celebrity in the late 90s after becoming one of the lead stars of hit TV show Ally McBeal. Her book follows the Australian's rise to stardom and the trials and tribulations she faced by being a closeted lesbian, and trying to get and stay "stick thin". This book is an honest tell-all, and de Rossi gives a detailed account on how she survived on no more than 300 calories a day; and how she kept a treadmill in her dressing room and would sometimes even run in heels. I don't know that this book is the best read for someone trying to overcome anorexia, but maybe for someone who wants to know more about the disease and how it can affect someone's whole thought process, and start to take over their lives. My favourite part was reading how Portia met Ellen DeGeneres, and about their relationship. Overall, I really feel as if I walked away with some valuable insights. (AV)

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