The Badness of King George - Judith Summers (2010)

After losing her husband 10 years earlier, Judith Summers is experiencing empty nest syndrome. Her only son, Joshua, has just left for college and her boyfriend of five years has left her due mainly to the outrageous behaviour of her King Charles Spaniel, George. With just her and George left alone in the house, Judith starts thinking of adopting another dog to fill up the space. However, she's not sure George can handle it as he is so used to being the king of the house. He acts like a diva; he's spoiled, lazy and used to getting his own way. When on a chance meeting she finds out about Many Tears, an animal rescue centre, Judith decides to foster dogs instead of adopting one straight out. However, she's not prepared for the endless mopping up, chasing and absolute chaos that is in store. When Judith meets a man who she really likes, the dogs turn out to be a major hindrance in advancing their relationship. What ensues is mayhem, tears and an (almost) failed relationship. Judith figures that while George may be the only man in the house at the moment, it doesn't mean there isn't room for another. The story is told with an honesty that is refreshing and uplifting. If you're an animal lover or just enjoy a heartfelt story, then this one is for you. There is also a prequel story called My Life with George. (AS)

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