Poser - Claire Dederer (2010)

Claire Dederer writes in a beautifully descriptive and engaging manner about her upbringing, her daughter, her marriage and her longtime passion: yoga. A 70s kid, Claire was raised among hippies with a very unique family dynamic. When she had her first child Lucy, Claire got caught up in the "attachment-parenting craze" of the 90s. Striving for perfection as a mother, wife, and daughter - while trying to get her one-year-old into co-op preschool with a wait list - took its toll. Claire gives yoga a try to calm her nerves, and stretch out her aching back. She remembers feeling like a "jerk" for not knowing the history of yoga. Claire does some interesting and informative research about the beginnings of yoga and its purpose, which in itself leads to a lesson. Is yoga a religion or an exercise? This story is as much about the history of Claire as it is about yoga. If you are looking for a book that focuses on yoga, this isn't it. I was hoping (by the title and description) that this book would be a lot more about yoga, and less about the upbringing and home life of the author, but Claire sucked me in with her great storytelling. She is wise, quick, and very funny. A good read if you want to learn a bit more about yoga, and enjoy a good soul searching. (AV)

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