Love Unscripted - Tina Reber (2010)

Remember back to the days of plastering your walls with teen heart-throbs - how you would react if one walked into your life? For pub owner Taryn Mitchell, she never was the sort of girl to fall head over heels for Hollywood stars - and reality has provided enough heartache in her life anyway. When it is revealed that the filming of the Seaside 2 movie is to take place in the small town of Seaport, Rhode Island - all hell breaks loose as women flock to get a look at leading man Ryan Christansen (think Robert Pattinson in Twilight). After being chased by stalker fans and paparazzi, Ryan finds a safe haven in Taryn's pub. Soon these two find themselves being drawn closer together, however Taryn can't let herself get hurt again and has sworn off dating. Can Ryan prove to Taryn that he is not the player the gossip rags make him out to be or for Taryn, will this end up being "the one" who got away? This is a real can't-put-down novel about celebrity, love - and poker. (PP)

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