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Upstairs, Downstairs, by Olivia Hart, is a novel about secrets by a collective of authors who met on a writing course. The synopsis says: "When Daniele Bracci - a musician at Rome's Opera Theatre - arrives at his new apartment, he is surprised by the warm welcome he receives from his neighbours. Giovanna however, is more preoccupied with introducing him to her daughter Anita. But what she doesn't know is that for the last two years, Anita has been secretly seeing someone else.
When Anita is introduced to the new tenant, she has the shock of her life - Daniele was Anita's first love at high school. Can she come to terms with the terrible way things ended between them?
But Anita isn't the only one with something to hide... and none of these secrets go unnoticed by Pina, the apartment gossip who writes everything down in her secret diary..." Upstairs, Downstairs is out in October 2017.

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