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The Trip of a Lifetime – Monica McInerney (2017)


Eight-five-year-old Lola Quinlan has decided to return to Ireland for a holiday and is taking her grand-daughter Bett and great-grand-daughter Ellen along for the ride. But once there, Lola seems reluctant to revisit the people and places she left behind more than sixty years ago. Meanwhile back in Clare Valley, a high-profile TV production is about to land and Bett’s sister, Carrie, has aspirations of becoming a famous blogger.
This story revisits the much-loved family from earlier novels The Alphabet Sisters and Lola’s Secret and delves more into the matriarch’s past. With colourful characters and lush scenery, it’s a pleasant read but perhaps it needed a few more things happening.

Rating 7/10

Monica McInerney returns to a familiar character for her latest novel, The Trip of a Lifetime. The summary says: "'I always thought memories were unchangeable. Set in stone, shaped by the years. But there are always others too, ones you haven't let yourself remember ...'
The wilful and eccentric Lola Quinlan is off on the trip of a lifetime, taking her beloved granddaughter and great-granddaughter with her. More than sixty years after emigrating to Australia, she's keeping a secret promise to return to her Irish homeland.
But as she embarks on her journey, the flamboyant Lola is still hiding the hurtful reasons she left Ireland in the first place. What - and who - will be waiting for her on the other side of the world?" The Trip of a Lifetime is out in July 2017. Lola also features in her novels Lola's Secret and The Alphabet Sisters.

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