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The Other Wives Club – Shari Low (2015)


It’s newspaper editor Drew Gold’s 50th birthday and he’s invited along his family on a celebration Mediterranean cruise. That includes his current wife, the much-younger Tess, as well as his two former wives, Sarah and Mona. Fashion-plate Mona still works at the newspaper and despite remarrying Piers, who is also along for the ride with his adult son, has her eyes firmly set of hooking back up with Drew. Meanwhile Tess’ best friend, Cameron, declares his feelings for her just before she leaves and urges her to meet him in Monaco. And Sarah, she’s not quite sure why she’s been invited along but she’s finally ready to have a good time – and won’t say no to a spot of romance.
I really enjoyed this humorous story, with plenty of family drama – it’s the perfect holiday read. 7/10


The Other Wives Club, by Shari Low, sees the ex wives join the new wife on a luxury cruise. The synopsis says: "Tess Gold - the current wife: When Tess married Drew Gold, she believed love conquered all - including their age difference and two ex-wives who were still part of his life. But now Drew has planned a luxury Mediterranean cruise to celebrate a special birthday. It could be the ultimate romantic break - if the former Mrs Golds weren't coming too.
Mona Gold - the second wife: When it comes to style, top fashion editor, Mona, never puts a Jimmy Choo wrong, but her marriage to her current husband is so last season, darling. Now it's time to reclaim the only man she ever really loved - if she can just tempt Drew away from his wife for a second time.
Sarah Gold - the first wife: When Drew left her for Mona, Sarah's feelings of love and lust went into hibernation. Fifteen years later, this cruise is a wonderful reason to shave those legs, update the wardrobe and start living again - if she can just resist the urge to throw the woman who broke up her marriage overboard. One husband, one wife and two ex-wives on the voyage of a lifetime ... but who will still be standing after a week of stormy seas?"

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