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One Day Like This, by Laura Briggs, sees a woman strive to create the perfect wedding for others. The summary says: "Could you plan a wedding if you'd never been in love?
Tessa has always dreamed of her own business. And when a beautiful tumbledown house comes up for sale in the Southern town of Bellegrove, she knows it has perfect potential to be an amazing one-stop wedding shop.
Teaming up with three talented friends, they're ready for big things. They've even found their first client - a sweet old lady called Bianca, who's desperate to give her grandson a spectacular wedding. (Even though he's equally determined to keep it simple and romantic.)
But as the big day approaches, things start to go wrong. Handsome handyman Blake Ellingham breaks the news that the building needs re-wiring and the bill for renovations is longer than a royal wedding train. And then one of her friends suddenly quits their fledgling business
Can Tessa pull off the dream wedding? Can Blake be convinced to help? And if the electrics are broken, why are so many sparks flying between him and Tessa?" One Day Like This is out in July 2018.



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