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Husband and Wife (2010)

Sarah Price is at a crossroads. Her husband, writer Nathan Bennett, has just confessed to having had an affair, which she is sure he has chronicled in his latest book, Infidelity. In a split second, everything Sarah knows to be true about her life falls apart and she begins second-guessing the choices she has made, everything from giving up her career as a poet to whether Nathan is in fact the man she is meant to be with. When she decides to respond to an email sent long ago by Rajiv, a friend from her past, she wonders if he was actually her destiny. Sarah takes off for Austin, with her two kids in tow, to explore the feelings she has for Rajiv and to hopefully gain some perspective about the life she was meant to live. With much introspection and great internal conflict, Sarah ponders the ultimate question, "What if?" Stewart has written a heartwarming and wise novel about the dreams we let slip away when life gets going. It will have you wondering about your own life and whether the choices you have made are indeed the right ones or perhaps just the right ones for right now. (LEK)

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